LEXINGTON SC Demographics

General Stats:

Total Population:


25+ years old total:
25+ years old less than 9th grade:
25+ years old 12th grade w/ no degree:
25+ years old with HS degree:
25+ years old with some college:
25+ years old with associated degree:
25+ years old with bachelor degree:

Married Status:

15+ years old total:
15+ years old never married:
15+ years old married but separated:
15+ years old seperated:
15+ years old widowed:
15+ years old divorced:


16+ years old total:
16+ in labor force:
16+ not in labor force:
16+ workers:
16+ workers that commute alone:
16+ workers that carpools:
16+ workers that use public trans:
16+ workers that walk to work:
16+ workers other means to work:
16+ work at home:
16+ mean travel time to work:


18+ years old male:
18+ years old female:
65+ years old male:
65+ years old female:


Median household income:
Median family income:
Per capital income:


Total family households:
Total non-family households:
Avg household size:
Avg family size:


Total housing units:
Total occupied housing units:
Total vacant housing units:
Owner occupied housing units:
Renter occupied housing units:
Median rooms in housing units:
Median home value of owner occupied units:


Total white:
Total black/african american:
Total american indian natives:
Total asian: 826
Total native hawaii/pacific islanders:
Other races:
Total two plus race: 454
Total hispanic or latino: 714
Total white along not hispanic or latino:
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